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Mapping & drawing publicly available municipal datasets in the interest of sussing out unforeseen relationships


Cadasta Foundation :: The Official Demo Organization

Welcome! This is the organization you can view to get a sense of Cadasta, how it is structured and how it works. Please take a look around and let us know if you have any questions. You can find more information at If you are a developer, you can look at our API documentation as well at


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Test organization




Daemeter is a leading independent consulting firm promoting sustainable development through responsible and equitable management of natural resources, particularly in Asia’s emerging economies. With offices in Indonesia and USA, we offer a wide range of professional services to support clients and partners in achieving their social and environmental objectives.

David Org

David's testing organization

Digital Impact Alliance

DIAL unlocks markets to deliver digital services to the most vulnerable, working with partners to overcome these challenges, so that together we can create a more inclusive digital society.

Frankfurt 2 Org

Frankfurt 2 Org

Frankfurt Org

Frankfurt Org


The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) was created in 1979 from the Department of Geological Surveys and Mines which itself was the successor to the Geological Survey of British Guiana. Currently GGMC is divided into the following technical divisions: Geological Services, Mines, Environment, Petroleum, Land Management. Our Mission:To provide effective stewardship of our mineral resources by ensuring increased opportunities for mineral resources development (exploration, documentation and extraction) and to promote and support increased investment in the mining and mining related sectors. Land Management Department: To provide an efficient & transparent service for licensing & permitting mineral property holders, administering licenses & permits, & providing map-based information, giving active consideration to customer satisfaction & feedback.

Group 1 INES

Cadastral Registry survey


Let's start here


Land administration education center


INES RUHENGERI, A Private High Learning Institution in Musanze District, North Province in Rwanda

ITC Faculty, University of Twente

ITC is recognized worldwide for achievements in teaching, research and capacity development in the field of geo-information science and earth observation. We educate our students to be professionals, capable of acquiring knowledge and translating this into practical applications for solving real-world problems.

Jayesh Test

This is testing descrption


JEI is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Lagos and Port Harcourt, Nigeria. We empower poor and marginalized individuals and communities to lead the changes that they would like to see in their own communities -- whether greater access to justice for the poor, pro-poor urban governance and policy, or community-led in-situ upgrading and development.

Jurassic Park

A bunch of people who think bring back dinosaurs is a good idea.


Demo project for Kartoza




Kawthoolei Land Data Management Center


Landesa partners with the state and national governments and organizations to help poor, rural women and men gain secure rights to land and the opportunity to build a better future.

Land inventory TUM

Testing possible public land inventory

Ministry of Lands

Extract to the Town Planning Drawing

My Land Rights

Our mission is to help communities throughout the world document their land rights, so that they may thrive in the space where they have been living without risk of displacement.

My Land Rights NGO

Our mission is to help communities throughout the world document their land rights, so that they may thrive in the space where they have been living without risk of displacement.

My Land Rights - old

Our mission is to help communities throughout the world document their land rights, so that they may thrive in the space where they have been living without risk of displacement.

My Organisation

My organisation my rules

Ogiek peoples development program

The Ogiek Peoples’ Development Program (OPDP) was founded in 1999, and registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in 2001 in Kenyan . The core mandate of OPDP is undertake social work aimed at promoting social change, social development, social cohesion, and the empowerment of the Ogiek community. OPDP was formed to champions the rights of the minority Ogiek community and improve the socio-economic and political conditions of the Ogiek community through advocacy campaigns action and inclusive development so that every citizen has equal opportunity to participate actively in building a vibrant Kenyan nation and also to facilitate an equitable share for in education, employment, economic activities and to ensure their betterment. The mandate of OPDP is to promote and protect Ogiek in the areas of recognition and identity of Ogiek culture, championing for land rights, ensuring environmental protection, promoting human rights, and overall sustainable development. It is based in Nakuru town and operates in five main counties inhabited by the minority and marginalized communities namely: - Nakuru, Baringo, Uasin Gishu, Narok and Nandi Counties

Ogiek peoples development program 1

OPDP's work is centered on promoting the recognition and identity of Ogiek culture, the participation and inclusion of the community in all sectors of development, championing for land rights, ensuring environmental protection, and overall sustainable development. We combine practical programmatic ideas and effective advocacy to address the challenges facing the indigenous Ogiek community. Our work is based on the values of service, justice, fairness and equity for all, community participation and involvement, transparency and accountability.


Oliver's Test Org

Omobio (Pvt) Ltd

open mobile IO


Ogiek Peoples' Development Program

OPDP Testing Org

OPDP Testing Org






Test organization description.

Organization 1

This is a test organization


This is another organization for mapping and showing datasets.


construction relelated

Pilani Project

This is a testing project for a village called Pilani in India

Programs Team

The Cadasta team's testing account.


Intergovernmental body promoting development through sustainable mapping

Right to Property

An initiative to help secure land and property rights of the people, to promote appreciation of the significance of Right to Property, and to contribute to reinforcing the foundations of a free society.

Seed Change Tanzania

Seed Change is a non-profit organisation working with smallholder farmers to reduce poverty through increased sustainable agricultural production in Tanzania


Mappig of public schools land in Kenya

Sinar Project

Parliamentary Monitoring Organisation

Tata Trusts

Creating Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities for Rural Communities in India

Test 3


Test_Green Advocates

Civil Society Organization

Testing Cadasta Demo

Testing 1 2 3....

Test Org

Dummy organization for testing

UMAT Ghana


Union for Gender Empowerment

The Union for Gender Empowerment is a trans feminist service of the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU). Everyone is welcome to use our services! We coordinate an alternative lending library (with over a thousand titles!); a cooperative pay-what-you-can “shop” (The Co-op) stocking ecologically responsible menstrual products, DIY sex toys, safer sex supplies, and gender empowerment items; and a zine library. The UGE also runs trans 101/allyship and anti-oppression workshops for other organizations and projects, and has a resource binder with information about abortion services, counseling, and queer/trans-friendly health services in Montreal.



U Test Organization

This is a sample organization for testing purposes.


We are Uttaran (Transition), a people centred NGO using a rights based approach to empower poor communities and reduce poverty. We work across the coastal region of southwest Bangladesh. We are gradually expanding our activities to other parts of the country. Our work is focused on human rights, land rights and agrarian reform, sustainable water management, community based river basin management, adaptation to climate change, sustainable agriculture and food security.

Uttaran 2

Uttaran is an awesome organization!


Regional Climate Change Research Center

Whitman College Residence Life

Improving student experience

YG Consulting Fairm

Geo spatial Consultancy










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